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(Important announcement regarding 4th M-1 at the end!) Hey, it's been awhile! Here's Yuyuko and Youmu's routine from the 3rd M-1. All that's left for the prelim rounds is Witch Doll. Apologies in advance for the slight hitch in two places. My hard disk crashed recently and I only just got this thing up and running, and Fraps was surprisingly merciful towards me while recording, so I'll take the small errors. I was up all night doing this too, so some timing may be off. That said, the 4th M-1 is still in the works, as most of you are curious about. Akyuun and I don't have extensive knowledge of spoken Japanese, so it's hard to get everything down. If any of you can contribute your own notes, that would be lovely. ALSO: If someone has scaled-up versions of the current 4th M-1 videos (found on Murasa's channel) or has the DVD rips, PLEASE SEND ME A LINK TO THEM. Preferably downloadable on a site like MegaUpload. The subs will be of questionable value if the video quality itself is terrible. Enjoy~ Finally, translator's notes/explanations: "Bird Monster!" - A pun off of Youmu's theme, "Hiraori Shoots a Strange Bird". The theme itself plays both off canonical Touhou events in Perfect Cherry Blossom and an old Japanese folk tale. In short, the folk tale goes: A little bird was guarding a ghost, and Hiraori shot the bird and the ghost passed on. In PCB, Reimu shoots Youmu down to move on to Yuyuko and stop her plans. Therefore, the kotori (bird) is Youmu and the obake (ghost ...

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