Video - another aquarium update :)

Videa Chery X1 another aquarium update :)

another aquarium update :)

here is another update of my 55 gallon community :) enjoy :D X2 Gold gourami (Trichogaster Trichopterus) X2 Pearl Gourami(Trichogaster leeri) X2 Boeseman's Rainbowfish X1 Female Siamese Fighting Fish a number of Kuhli loach(Pangio/Ancanthophthalmus Kuhlii) X1 Bristlenose catfish(Ancistrus sp.) X3 Peppered Cory X9 neon tetra X6 or 7 cherry barb X3 rummy-nose tetra X6 Glowlight tetra Specs: Eheim 350L Canister filter GLO T5 HO Lighting system Fluval 200W heater Dimensions: The tank is 120 cm X 40 cm X 50 cm (about 4' X 1'2" X 1'3")

an, update, of, my, 55, gallon, community, :), enjoy, :D, Gold, gourami, (Trichogaster, Trichopterus), Pearl, leeri), Boeseman's, Rainbowfish, Female, Siamese, Fighting, Fish, Kuhli, loach, (Pangio/Ancanthophthalmus, Kuhlii), Bristlenose, catfish, (Ancist



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