Video - Beginners guide planted aquarium (see description).

Videa Chery X1 Beginners guide planted aquarium (see description).

Beginners guide planted aquarium (see description).

Ok... I tried to include the whole write up under the description section, but it was just too long. Please bare with me. I'm going to include the first part here, then the preceding parts can be found in a word doc I posted onto mediafire. If you guys are still interested in it, just get the word doc. The tank in this video is a 20 gallon but the same rules apply. Was going to use my 10 gallon, but you'll see why I can't use it just yet (later video)... hint... rescued African Cichlid hospital tank. Beginners guide planted aquarium: First off, I hope this little guide helps someone out. It's not meant to be an encyclopedia fishpedia, but more of an easy to follow set of guidelines for beginners (like myself) to avoid major headache. I learnt most of this stuff from guys/ gals on the web and from trial and error, so thanks for those who helped. I do have a problem with getting too detailed sometimes so bear with me... ok then... onwards and upwards. I'm doing this guide with a ten gallon tank in mind since it's the most common size and I'm currently starting up mine again. You will need... 10 Gallon tank. Hood and lighting. Filter Filter media Heater Water conditioner. Eco-complete substrate. Live plants Fish Siphon and Two 5 gallon 'fish tank only' buckets. You can save yourself a ton of money by just looking around, craigslist, garage sales, even flea markets. I got my tank, filter and heater for $5 at a garage sale. It's been two years and it still runs greats... Find ...

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