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kpi productions:NATE HIMLIN ,JIMMY FLEAMAN CARLOS LA CRUZ Y RAUL ARANGO WITH BORRIS JAILARA PICTURES, AND ALL THEIR ANTIQUES. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC- THE FLEAMAN JIMMY FLEAMAN RACING MONEY TO PUBLISH MY SECOND BOOK FOR FIRST TIME IN ENGLISH Culinaria Venezuela Jan 30, 2011 RAUL ARANGO: owner, Hotel Business, Antiques Seller CHEF CARLOS LA CRUZ, WITH A HONORIFIC MENTION, COOKING AREPAS AND WORK AS ANTIQUES SELLER IN A CHELSEA GARAGE -FLEA MARKET IN NEW YORK, NY AND CIRCA ANTIQUES LIMITED CIRCA ANTIQUES LIMITED CONSULTATION AND APPRAISAL SERVICES NOW AVAILABLE FOR THE FIRST TIME FROM A 36 YEAR VETERAN OF THE ANTIQUES BUSINESS AT REASONABLE RATES Rachel Leibowicz & David Goldstein 374 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217. 718-596-1866 Circa Antiques Ltd. has been in business for more than 35 years. Specializing in fine 19th century American Classical and Victorian furniture and accessories. Our constantly changing inventory features 19th century American and European furniture in mahogany, walnut, rosewood, cherry, oak and bird's eye maple. We always have fine examples of Period American Empire, Classical, Gothic, Rococo, Renaissance Revival, Aesthetic Movement, Eastlake and Anglo-Japanesque pieces. In our catalog can be found antique furniture by J.&J.W Meeks, AH Andrews, Maple & Co. and Anthony Quervelle. Our antique accessories include lighting and lamps by the likes of Handel and Cornelius and Baker. Our small items include Tiffany, Limoges, Phoenix Glass and Pairpoint. Visit ...

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