Video - Castlevania Harmony of Despair: Luck Run # 4

Videa Chery X1 Castlevania Harmony of Despair: Luck Run # 4

Castlevania Harmony of Despair: Luck Run # 4

So after taking a break for several months, I come back to certain forums to find that people still don't believe that luck has anything to do with drops in Harmony of Despair. One of my friends just purchased the game, and wanted to get some equipment, so after gathering a few friends, we ran these runs tonight. It was actually after he acquired Wingboots that it was suggested I start recording the runs to upload to YouTube. What you see is recorded live. These are not cherry picked recordings. I did exclude a few runs from the start of the recording due to organizational issues (we had a few runs to work out who will finish the boss and open the chest, etc.) and a few runs in the middle of the luck runs, which aren't relevant to this video. What you will watch are the good runs as well as the bad, with the majority of the runs sped up as they're unimportant to the theme of this video. FYI, he has 40 runs of Chapter 6, and has Wing Boots, several Claimh Solais's, and several Dracula Tunics. The drops as far as when we started to record: 11 Chapter 2 Runs: Puppet Master Soul x5 Healing Mail x1 Thief Ring x2 1 Chapter 5 Run: Death's Robe x1 Death's Soul x1 Beserker Mail x1 14 Chapter 6 Runs: Fois Gras x3 Dracula Soul x4 Dracula's Tunic x6 Claimh Solais x3 Valmanway x1 Impervoius Mail x2 For those keeping count, that's 26 runs tonight, and 31 rare drops. Once again, these aren't cherrypicked videos. The bad are included with the good, similar to my other luck run videos ...

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