Video - DIY Ombre Hair Talk through + demo

Videa Chery M1 DIY Ombre Hair Talk through + demo

DIY Ombre Hair Talk through + demo

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a hairdresser. Everything I've learned about hair I've gained through trial and error and trust me when I say that I have worked with hair dye + bleach since I was 13. I've highlighted my brothers hair, cut their hair, cut my own, dyed my own hair. I'm not a professional but I've have heaps of previous experience. This isn't something that is completely new to me. Hello everybody!! This is the long awaited Hair video that everyone's been emailing and asking me about. I know its long, but i thought I needed to take the time explaining everything. I know that its not exactly how I did my original ombre hair, but seriously its the same concept. Just different in terms of where to apply it and such. If you dont know what "Ombre hair" is, it's basically where you look like you have massive regrowth to the point where the tips of your hair are lighter/blonder. I've included a summary in each part of the video an feel free to pause it and replay if you do not get anything. WATCH THE WHOLE VIDEO BEFORE TRYING IT OUT! Just incase anyone wanted to try their luck at DIY Ombre hair, I highly reccomend you watch the whole video so you get an idea of what you need and how to do it. This look is PERFECT for summer! Skip to: How to summary - 08:01 How to deal with brassy hair - 08:13 How to deal with brassy hair summary - 12:17 Demo - 12:22 End result: - 23:50 Main points: 1. Carefully read the instructions on your bleach/prelightener kit & do a allergy patch test if ...

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