Video - Juwel Rio 125 (best in HD)

Videa Chery X1 Juwel Rio 125 (best in HD)

Juwel Rio 125 (best in HD)

My tank update as of 20/08/12... Sub-tropical Tank.. River/Forest style.. :) Temp: 23c Fish x9 Danios (mixed) x6 Cherry Barb x1 Male Guppy x1 Fantail x3 Hillstream Loach x3-4 Shrimp Plants: x1 Anubis (on wood) x1 Pogostemon helferi x1 Microsorum pteropus Windelv (on wood) x4-5 Hygrophila corymbosa - (grows nice and often, lots of stems lovely plant able to replant in other places) x2-3 Vallisneria americana (only recently added this plant (this weekend), to the left end of tank.. should grow out soon) x1 Microsorum Pteropus (on wood) x3 Moss balls x2 Bacopa x6-8 rocks - added this weekend (as I have hillstream loaches) Substrate: Black gravel Dorest pea gravel Fine black/green gravel Filter: TetraTec EX700 Juwel Internal Filter

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