Video - Killing In The Name - RATM / Marcos Camacho (Drum Version)

Videa Chery X5 Killing In The Name - RATM / Marcos Camacho (Drum Version)

Killing In The Name - RATM / Marcos Camacho (Drum Version)

Baterista \ Drummer : Marcos Camacho Música \ Music : Killing In The Name Banda, Artista \ Band Artist : Rage Against The Machine Direitos Autorais \ Copyright : "Killing In The Name" from the 1992 release "Rage Against The Machine", is thecopyrighted property of its owner(s). DRUMS SET UP: Luthier Drums - Handmade By Tibério Luthier (Cedro / Cedar Wood) Bass Drum 20" x 16" Snare Drum 14" x 5" (Stagg Wood Snare) (Tama Rockstar blacksteel) Tom 1 10" x 8" Tom 2 12" x 8" Floor Tom 14" x 14" Snare Piccolo luthier 10" x 2" (Wood and Pearl Hardware) Cymbals Paiste 502 Hi-Hat 13" Sabian AAX Stage Ride 20" Sabian AAX Stage Crash 16" Kashmir Mini China 10" Above Kashmir Crash 18" Lion China Wuhan 18" Octagon Splash 6" above Kashmir splash 10" (like Max stax by Mike Portnoy but are two splashes) Shelter splash 12" Kashmir splash 8", Kashmir Formula Splash 8" Octagon Cup Bell 7" Stagg Hi-Hat 13" (Pearl Remote Hi-Hat cable) Percussion Tambourine LP Afro Cowbell, LP Block, Torelli (Cajate) with torelli Block, Wind Chime (Handmade by my Father ;D) Hardware Iron Cobra Twin pedal,Hardware Tama, Raul\Bauer, Tama Hi-Hat Stand, Stagg and Gibraltar Drum Heads Evans G3 /Bass Drum Evans G2 Clear /Tom 1,2 and floor Remo Ambassador /Snare 14" RMV Vintage /Snare 10"

RATM, Killing in the name, Drums, Brad Wilk, Marcos Camacho, Zack de la Rocha, Tom Morello, Drum Lesson, Modern Drummer, Revista Batera, Rapcore.



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