Video - Kylie Minogue (ShowBoy's Anti B-Side Session)

Videa Chery A18 Kylie Minogue (ShowBoy's Anti B-Side Session)

Kylie Minogue (ShowBoy's Anti B-Side Session)

A selection of B-Side Tracks by Kylie Minogue.The 20 Tracks have been Edited into a 18 minute Session.Tracks include: Almost a Lover (Intro),Boy,Baby,Cover me with Kisses,Cherry Bomb,Do it Again,BPM,Carried Away,Almost a Lover,Soul on Fire,Paper Dolls,City Games,Tightrope,Rendezvous at Sunset,Made of Glass,King or Queen,Good Life,Good Like That,Tears and Nothing can Stop us. Arranged by ShowBoy. Video and Remix Produced just for Fun.All Tracks owned by Original Artist.............Enjoy...........

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Autor: showboy1992
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