Video - Las Vegas Inspired Butterfly make up Look - GCCC Entry

Videa Chery A18 Las Vegas Inspired Butterfly make up Look - GCCC Entry

Las Vegas Inspired Butterfly make up Look - GCCC Entry

This is my first English makeup tutorial and I apologize for any grammar mistake or something xD... I was inspired as I said by 3 main things: the ballerinas/showgirls (outfit and hairstyle), the colorful lights from the casinos, hotels, etc., and the Egyptian Sphinx. I tried to make this look not as everybody expected, like another showgirl look or with a lot of glitter everywhere, because for me that's just recreating something. So in order to be very original, I mixed all those elements together (actually I drew it before making it... yeah with pencil colors and everything =P), and this is what I came up with. I didn't have a lot of brushes =( but I did my best. Enjoy!! :D List of products I used: Lips: LANCÔME-Frambroise 14 (Juicy Tubes Lip Gloss) NYX- Sparkling orange lipstick DS16 NYX-Sparkling Bronze lipstick DS11 Eyes: ESTÉE LAUDER- Pink Quartz 03 (included in the pure color 9 eyeshadows palette) Mac - PhLooFI A18 (Eye Shadow) Mac Goldmine A58 (Eye Shadow) Mac White Frost A38 (Eye Shadow) Mac Creme de violet A87 (Eye Shadow) Mac Chrome Yellow A68 (Eye Shadow) Mac Aqualine (Liquid Eyeliner) Mac Point Black (Liquid Eyeliner) Maybeline waterproff black liquid eyeliner NYX- Cherry (3 color eyeshadow palette TS13) NYX- Sunrise ES109 NYX Fabulous Lashes & Glue EL 127 Glitter Splash 16030 Champagne Bubbles Mega Boss Stickers/Jewels Mylin Aqua & Fuchsia Feathers Face/Cheeks: ESTÉE LAUDER- AeroMatte Ultralucent Pressed Powder 1C LIGHT ESTÉE LAUDER- Double Wear Stay-in ...

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