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Videa Chery X1 My Tropical Fishtanks (Updated)

My Tropical Fishtanks (Updated)

Allright lads! It's been a few weeks since my fishtanks recieved a bit of an overhaul; some changes include: - New fish added, some removed (ie. my Black Moor; in its place is a Glass Knife Fish) - New sand substrate for the small tank! - The Electric Rams have been rehomed into the big tank (which was always my intention from the start). My stocklist (updated) is as follows: -------------JUWEL RIO------------- - x3 Angelfish - x1 Snowball Pleco (Hypancistrus Contradens) - x1 Red/Turquoise Discus - x1 Glass Knife Fish (female) - x2 Electric Blue Rams - x2 Dwarf Gouramis - x2 Balloon Mollies - x1 Veiltail Fighting Fish (male) -------------INTERPET FISHBOX------------- - x2 Endlers Livebearers - x1 Platy - x1 African Dwarf Frog - x8 Cherry Barbs - x5 Cardinal Tetras - x1 Crowntail Fighting Fish (male)

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