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Videa Chery G5 Nail Art Tutorial - Candy Pieces

Nail Art Tutorial - Candy Pieces

I got the idea from Rainbow French by mayparis. :PI really wanted to recreate it and still make a video without it being stealing so this is my little Rainbow French but done differently. FINE and MEDIUM brushes: To make the medium brush, take an old ugly nail polish you don't use, take some toilet paper and wipe off the nail polish on the brush. Then take scissors and cut off half the hairs of the brush, and there you have your MEDIUM brush! Don't throw away the bottle of nail polish. When you aren't using your brush, put it back in it's old nail polish and just wipe it off when you need to use it again. Same thing for the FINE brush except: Take the brush and cut off half of the hairs, then take the hairs you have left and cut off half of that! Now you have your FINE brush.

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