Video - Pearl M-80 10X4 Snare Drum Review

Videa Chery X5 Pearl M-80 10X4 Snare Drum Review

Pearl M-80 10X4 Snare Drum Review

Please Subscribe and Like! I am playing the Pearl M-80 10X4 snare drum. It is amazing, and sounds great for such a cheap and affordable price! I loved the 10X4 side snare idea from Chad Szeliga so I had to try it out. Glad I did =) MySet up in this video: Gretsch Drums Catalina Maple Fusion: -Cherry Wine Finish -22X18 Bass Drum -8X7 Tom Tom -10X8 Tom Tom -14X14 Floor Tom -16X16 Floor Tom Mapex: -13X7 Black Panther Blaster Snare LP: -NY Cowbell -Micro Snare Pearl: -10X5 Firecracker Snare -10X4 M-80 Snare Drum Heads: -Remo Black Suede Emperor/ Ambassador Clear- Snares -Remo Black Suede Emperor/ Ambassador Clear- Toms. -Remo Powersonic/ Ebony Ambassador- Bass Drum Sabian Cymbals: -15" AAX Studio Crash Brilliant -16" AAX X-plosion Crash -6" AAX Spash Brilliant -8" AAX Splash Brilliant -12" AA Mini Chinese Brilliant -15" AAX X-treme China -21" AA Dry Bell Ride Zildjian Cymbals: -13" A Custom Mastersound Hi Hats Brilliant Pearl Demon Drive Eliminator Bass Pedal Gibraltar Hardware: -Stealth Mounting and Vertical Mounting Systems DW: -3000 Series Double Tom Stand Roc N Soc Drum Throne With Backrest Vic Firth- SD 10 Swinger Wood Tip



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