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The first Koreans who made it to the number one on Billboard Chart! 'Celebrity' back story from the hard times before they got famous till the glamorous life after signing a contract with a major record company! Concert in March in Korea and Asia tour plans will be revealed for the first time. Far East Movement, who made all music fans not only in the USA, but also all over the world go crazy about "Like A G6" in October 2010, is on the new concept talk show "Real Talk!" Two Korean Americans, J-Splif (Korean Name: Jaewon Choung) and Prohgress (Korean Name: Jihwan Rho), Japanese Chinese American, Kev Nish started in high school in LA and started to do Hip Hop music in America since 2003. They started to be famous once they participated in the movie OST "Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift" in 2006. Later, Filipino American DJ Virman joined the group. In January 2010, Far East Movement signed a contract with Cherry Tree/ Interscope within Universal Music where Lady gaga belongs to, and released their new song, 'Like a G6.'This song has upbeat and addictive sound and it became the number one Hip Hop song in the clubs. It became more famous by filming its music video in Korea Town where Korean BBQ and night life were introduced. For the first time as a Korean American musician, and as an Asian musician, in 27 years, they became number one in Billboard Hot 100. Far East Movement is planning a concert in Australia at the end of this month with Pop Diva, Rihanna, and in early March ...

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