Video - Sunflower Power X1 - Part 3/5 [ puff + Cherry + squash ] strategy

Videa Chery X1 Sunflower Power X1 - Part 3/5 [ puff + Cherry + squash ] strategy

Sunflower Power X1 - Part 3/5 [ puff + Cherry + squash ] strategy

this is the 3rd part of the Sunflower power X1 Series. This is made because a request from a friend of mine. --------------------------------------------- --------- Part two: -------------------------------------------- [ puff + Cherry + squash ] strategy vs jacks + gigas + dolphin + zomboni a very straightforward strategy cherry is used to compensate DPS on some some situations and is used almost everytime it is ready -i really love puff shrooms . they help me gather gigas all in one spot that increases the effectiveness of doom shrooms, squash, cherry and glooms -a simple pattern ~ doom then squash and cherry on next wave. then ice on the next wave. this will speed up the waves because it instantly brings forth 3 waves of zombies which means more gigas and gargantuars will arrive -sometimes i stack doom shrooms when im bored XD -depending on your setup. you may need only one of those .. cherry or squash -i find this strategy so much fun especially if i have some sun to spare XD *The other parts will be uploaded later . it takes a long time to upload these videos XD* ------------------------------------------------------ The Sunflower Power X1 Series (extras) are made to show you the strategies i use on ALL the setups that i used on the transitions of the Setup i use at the moment but this time . i recorded every round i got till i find these 5 consecutive rounds that pretty much shows almost every combinations of zombies that I find worth mentioning. recorded flags ...

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