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THE ALLNIGHT WORKERS - This Only Happens Once

After their Tour around Europe, here is their first Album. LIMITED DELUX EDITION LP WITH HIGH & RAW SOUND (Special Package with GREAT artwork, Poster, 180 gram Vinyl, Hand paste Cover, and Mp3 Download Card) His music have R&B textures with wild rhythms, and dark sounds, with franny and crazy dances. They offer great songs of their OWN with exquisite quality. You can listen or buy it here: You´ll fall in love with they CHERRY CASINO AND THE GAMBLERS: "Working recording sessions at Lightning Recorders means that you meet different musicians every day and you never know what the day may bring. Didnt know much about The All Night Workers, but when they hit the first note that morning on october 1st, 2010, I knew we had something special coming up. The first number they chose was "Lefty Brown" and it blew me away, fast furious Blues with lots of Rhythm.They set the pace from the first moment and it didnt stop until after the session. All tracks recorded that day are winners, and we all hope you will enjoy this record!"

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