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Tivoli Audio Model One AM/FM Table Radio

Imagine the ideal radio. The Tivoli Audio® Model One™ AM/FM table radio has been described as "the best sounding table radio ever made," (MSNBC) offering "the kind of room-filling sound that many other radios claim to deliver but often don't." (Forbes) With a tuner that brings clairty to many of the weakest stations, the Model One radio begins with a handmade wood cabinet that is both beautiful and the ideal acoustically inert speaker housing. A heavy-magnet, long-throw driver is mated to a frequency contouring circuit that automatically adjusts output over half-octave increments, resulting in musically accurate tonal balance and bass response. "When your stereophile loved ones turn the knob on the rock-solid Henry Kloss Model One Table Radio, they'll toss out all their multiuse, Bluetooth-enabled gadgets and cry with hi-fi joy." (Elle) Like all Tivoli Audio products, the Model One AM/FM table radio is compatible with iPod and other players. Available in five finishes, for yourself or someone else you care about. An external FM antenna and 9' power cord are included. One year warranty. Offered in Beige/Walnut, Green/Maple, Cobalt/Cherry, Black/Silver, and Silver/White. Other colors available through select retailers.

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