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Videa Chery X1 Yugioh trade binder beast7ization 2012 updated

Yugioh trade binder beast7ization 2012 updated

New trade binder. Wants: Naturia Bamboo Shoot x3 (Ultimate or DT) Naturia Barkion x1 Naturia Beast x1 Naturia Cherry x3 Naturia Butterfly x1 Naturia Pumpkin x1 Naturia Landoise x1 Solemn Warning x99 Pot of Duality x99 Gorz x99 Gold Chaos Sorcerer x1 Garoth Lightsworn x1 Ultra only Card Trooper x2 (New battle pack rarity or ultra) Blade Armor ninja x99 Stardust x99 Ally of Justice Catastor x99 Gold or ultra spells and traps: Mystical Space Typhoon x99 Torrential Tribute x99 Heavy Storm x99 Monster Rebornx 99 Solemn Judgement x99 Dimensional Prison x99 ANY RARITY Forbidden Lance x5ish Black Luster Soldier Envoy of Begining x1,000000000 I will also look at my binders but only if you PM me a link with a list of your wants. I am a trusted trader from my other account that i forgot password and this account. i will sell cards pretty cheaply and trade for neccesity, not pricing usually I am also looking for obvious trade bait cards. New batttle pack cards of high rarity. Tour guide rabbit laggia stuff like that. SUBSCRIBE:)

Hanzo, Rabbit, Your, Guide, Magician, Blue, Eyes, Arch fiend, Stardust, Ally, Of, Justice, Ultra, Ghost, Ultimate



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